Are You A Jax Leader?

Are you a leader?

We don’t sell bicycles, we sell cycling! We believe in bicycling; the thrill of riding that epic singletrack and tackling that hill climb! If you are results-driven with the ability to take on a leadership role and overcome challenges within the marketplace, then a Jax career would be right for you!

The store leader is in charge of managing the store’s operations and leading the employees. The store leader shall also manage the stock, services and products of the retail store and supervise the sale of store merchandise. The leader shall exercise discretion and independent judgment to ensure successful and efficient store operations.

  1. Daily Functions:
    • Organize and supervise all daily activities of the retail store
    • Manage team and evaluate employees’ efficiency and productivity; follow up and provide feedback to employees on work results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees
    • Maintain quality product and service standards to ensure client satisfaction
    • Track and control store finances, budgets, revenue and expenses; analyze sales figures to ensure maximum profit
    • Develop marketing presence and bicycle advocacy within the local community
    • Oversee activities of data entry performed by subordinate employees
  2. Periodic Functions:
    • Maintain store staff by recruiting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, orienting and training employees
    • Strategize and plan for achievement of store revenue, profit goals and objectives
    • Ensure that all client complaints are met and resolved with efficiency
    • Recommend and initiate changes that will improve the store’s business

If you are driven to accomplish desired results, create a great business, and in love with cycling, then a Jax career is right for you!

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